Approximately 40 percent of American’s will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Cancer can affect anyone at any time of their life. The positive effects of cannabis to help treat and alleviate symptoms of cancer have long been documented.

Sadly, the Federal Government hasn’t yet made a decision on their stance on medical marijuana. They state that far more research is required before they can determine whether or not medical marijuana is a good option for cancer patients.

On the other hand, ask any oncologist and there’s a very likely chance that you’re going to hear that cannabis definitely has its place in treating cancer.

One benefit of the cannabis for treating cancer is that patients who are suffering the ill effects of chemotherapy and have nausea, loss of appetite, pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and vomiting may find relief with CBD oil as the cannabis works to alleviate these side effects. See more at and stay up to date on FB and Twitter.

While the jury is still out regarding curing the condition, statistics show that CBD oil helps to reduce the size of tumors, reduce the regeneration of tumor cells and works on the receptors in the brain. According to these statistics, however, many of these patients also received chemotherapy treatments and it may be challenging at best to determine whether or not the CBD oil did the trick or the chemotherapy.

Many theories support that patients who receive the CBD oil alongside the conventional therapies tend to recover more quickly and have a healthier outlook during their therapies.

Cannabinoids have long proven to promote apoptosis or the death of tumor cells. They have stopped the angiogenesis and the blood vessel production to the tumors and thus cut off their blood supply which in turn kills the tumors. Studies done on mice have shown that those that receive THC eliminated brain tumors in about one-third of the rats while they at least extended the life in another third of the rats in the study.

CBD oil works to reduce the side effects of other therapies and to help shrink and reduce tumors to an operable size. While more research is in the works, the results of current research are staggering with a 60 percent improvement in most patients who are using the CBD oil as a complementary treatment alongside the traditional treatments.

As the patient ingests the CBD oil, the CBD oil works to enhance the bodies own cannabinoids and improve the reception of the neurotransmitters. This, in turn, helps the body to heal itself.

Patients will feel less nausea which means they will be more able to eat and nourish their bodies. A healthier more nourished body is naturally going to recover more quickly from the results of a cancer condition.

Additionally, any side effects from chemotherapies will also be treated using the CBD oil and the patient will have less nausea to fight and feel more energized. The tumor is going to be reduced as the CBD oil cuts off the blood supply to the tumor and the cancerous cells that are freely roaming around are going to be eradicated.

Studies are always ongoing when it comes to CBD oil and treating cancer or any other condition. However, according to current research, patients who are using CBD oil or CBD oil in conjunction with other treatments, are having better results and a higher rate of being NED or no evidence of disease for five years out.

In cancer, five years out is the goal to having no return of cancer and being considered cancer free or NED. CBD oil has its place in modern medicine and more doctors are discovering this as more research is being done.